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Update to 1.04

Posted: Fri Dec 10, 2004 10:04 am
by MadMax
Guys. U really should update CoD to 1.04 patch. What do u think about it?

Posted: Fri Dec 10, 2004 2:16 pm
by TacoBell
I think...United Offensive...blows old Cod out of the water.

Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2004 6:15 am
by Ender
word taco word what servers do you play on man?

Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2004 2:04 am
by TacoBell
I play Team Death match usually on Motely Crew Server.

Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 8:41 pm
by MadMax
Yea United... is preety cool, but im curious than will i met u on 1.4 CoD servers?

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2004 12:59 am
by TacoBell
Can I get a Hell No! UO...leads the way baby. Buy the damn expansion and join the party!